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Chucktown walking tours of Charleston South Carolina

The history of Charleston is rich with stories, dates, and colorful characters – and some of them are actually true. Take a walking tour through history with our board-certified tour guides as we separate fact from fiction in the 300 years of Charleston SC history.

The Charleston Tour Association

The Charleston Tour Association member Chucktown walking tours of Charleston South Carolina

We are proud to support the integrity of Charleston’s Walking Tour industry by taking an active role as members of the Charleston Tour Association. “We must protect the history of Charleston SC, the story of America, so we can continue to share it with our guests for many years to come.”

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Walking tours in Charleston SC are a great way to see the history of the city - but not the only way. Take a Chucktown tour when you're looking for things to do in Charleston, or you're just on a sightseeing tours in Charleston SC 

What people are saying about Chucktown Tours


"We can't say enough about how much we enjoyed the walking history tour! It was entertaining, knowledgeable and considerate, with the pace set for two elderly women!! I've been on the carriage ride before but would recommend this walking tour over that experience any day."


"If you like history then this is your tour and Mark is your man! A great job at getting into the details of the history of Charleston. You can tell he has a real love for history, which is what made this tour so enjoyable! We highly recommend this tour and Mark if you want to learn more about the history of Charleston SC." 

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"This tour was exceptional! It was very informative and educating. If you take this tour I guarantee it will be unforgettable and you will come away from it knowing amazing little facts about this incredible city! Truly an asset to the wonderful city of Charleston SC."

Select the history tour that works for you!

Daytime Walking Tours

on a walking tour with chucktown tours down Rainbow Row in Charleston south Carolina

Stroll through 300 years of history as Chucktown Tours shows you the exciting history of Charleston South Carolina.

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Evening Walking Tours

Take an evening walking history tour of Charleston south Carolina with Chucktown tours

Only at Chucktown Tours can you tour the historic streets of Charleston as the sun sets in the sky, and a light breeze fills the air.

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History in the Harbor Tour

explore fort Sumter in Charleston harbor with Chucktown tours boat tours

It’s not just a boat ride. It’s a tour of the history in Charleston harbor, and it’s only at Chucktown Tours

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The Sunset History Tour


History and a beautiful evening on the water from Chucktown Tours is simply the best thing to do in Charleston South Carolina. 

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The Original Settlement Tour


Chucktown Tours is the only place you can take a boat tour through the creeks to the original settlement of Charles Towne

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Book a Private Walking Tour


You and a group of your friends can book a private Chucktown Tour. Just let us know what you want to see while you’re here

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Design Your Own Walking Tour

Design the Walking Tour YOU want!

Often, we have people visit who have heard about some historic part of Charleston SC and would like to find out more. That's no problem - you can design your own walking tour.

Whether it's centered around Architecture, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, or just the history of Charleston in general. We can design a walking tour just for you. A combination of walking, talking, museums, out of the way pubs, or even a tour of the many art galleries. You tell us what you want to see, and we’ll design a tour around it.

It’s a perfect Girl’s weekend, bachelorette weekend event, or even just a large family get-together - keep in mind, this is a group tour, so your price includes up to ten guests (you and nine others) This is not your normal sightseeing tour. This is an experience designed just for you and your friends. The walking tour will last about 2 hours, and of course the cost of facility tours, food, and beverages are not included in the tour price.

Please let us know at least a week in advance of your tour date. It's takes a little while to design a tour, so these have to be booked at least a week out.  Walking tours in Charleston SC are a great way to see the history of the city – but so are Water Tours. Take a Chucktown water tour when you're looking for unique things to do on the water, or you're just on a sightseeing tour of our great city.

A few things to consider

We’re not walking fast, and we take our time. However, Charleston isn’t known for its straight and level sidewalks – that’s why we don’t recommend wheelchairs and walkers on a tour like this. 

It can be very hot and humid in Charleston – in addition to comfortable walking shoes, you may want to bring a bottled water.


Question about Walking Tours?

Our Walking Tours

One of the prettiest places in Charleston SC is Waterfront Park. From the cool ocean breeze to relaxing views of the Charleston harbor, we want to make sure you don’t leave town without seeing this side of Charleston – so we chose to start our walking tours by the big fountain where the kids play. 

Chucktown Tours, Charleston SC

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Question about Water Tours?

Our Water Tours

On the banks of the Ashley River you'll find Brittlebank Park. You'll also find Captain Tim waiting to take you out on the water and show you some really cool parts of our great city! 

Parking is free. Just park in the west end of the lot, walk down to the dock, and you'll see Captain Tim and the Chucktown waiting for you! 

Chucktown Tours, Charleston SC

181 Lockwood Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 29403, United States

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