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Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Tours

Chucktown Tours: Questions people ask most often.

Isn’t it really hot to take walking tours right now?  No, not really. We design our tours in such a way that almost half the tour is sitting in the shade. Sure, we walk (after all it is a walking tour) but we don't overdo it.

Is it true you're actors? Yes, all the history guides at Chucktown Tours are actors. We're also licensed by the city of Charleston SC. We bring those two skills together to make your experience entertaining and educational.

How long is the tour?  It averages about an hour and a half. 

How far do we walk?  About 2 miles – but we walk at a very leisurely pace.

Are my little ones free? Kids under 12 are just $19.95 – If you have an infant bring them along, we’re not picky.

What about a stroller, a walker, or a wheelchair?  We have guests bring strollers, that’s no problem. However, by nature of a walking tour, and considering there are not very many level sidewalks in Charleston – we don’t recommend a walker of a wheelchair.

Is a walking tour better than a carriage tour?  Not really. They are very different. In a walking tour we design the tour based on the history and what we know you’ll enjoy seeing. In a carriage tour the city decided where they are taking you, not the carriage company. The walking tours are about 2 hours, and the carriage tours are about 1 hour. 

Can I get a refund if it rains? No, we’re sorry. The long tradition of walking tours here in Charleston is to go rain or shine.  If there is some other reason you can’t attend, then we’re happy to refund your money.  

Are there bathrooms along the tour? We know of a couple hidden bathrooms along the tour. If there’s a problem, we’ll make sure you find what you need. 

Can we go get a beer during our tour? Well, if it happens to be just you and your party on that tour – sure. If it’s a large group, we would have to plan a special tour for you – but we do have tours where we stop and get a beer. We kind of like those actually 😊 

Are your tour guides licensed? Yes, all our guides are licensed by the city of Charleston SC to conduct tours. We’re very proud of that, because it’s not easy to get that license. It's a 500 page study guide and a rather large test.  

What should I wear to the Tour? Charleston weather is hit or miss so wear appropriate clothing for the time of year. Comfortable shoes, and bring a bottle of water in the summer. 

Still confused?

If you have a question we didn't cover then just email us.... we're happy to get you an answer.