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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Tours

These are the questions people ask most

PLEASE NOTE: The Sunset water tours change times as the year goes by. It's important that you contact us (843) 885-8802 to ensure you have the correct departure time. 

What about Charleston weather - Isn’t it hot on the water? It can be, but we have bottled water on board and if you bring a hat and some sunscreen you'll be fine.

How many people go on the boat tour? We enjoy an intimate tour experience, so we take just six guests, a tour guide, and of course a licensed Captain.

How long is the tour? The History in the Harbor Tour and Sunset Tour take about two hours. The Original Settlement Tour is about one and a half hours.

Is there free parking? Yes, the dock has plenty of free parking.

How old do you have to be? You must be at least 5 years old.  

What if it rains? If the rain is heavy (or foretasted to be heavy) we may cancel the tour. If heavy rain develops while you’re on the tour the captain may bring you back early. In either case we will make every effort to get you booked on the next tour your schedule allows.   

Are there bathrooms on the boat? No, we recommend you use the facilities before you get to the dock.

What is the difference between the Harbor Tour and the Settlement Tour? The Harbor Tour is a tour of the historical sites in the Charleston SC Harbor. While the Settlement Tour heads north from the dock into the creeks that take you to the Original Charles Towne settlement of 1670.   

What should I wear to the Tour? If you wear appropriate clothing for the time of year, you’ll be fine. If it’s summer, we recommend you wear a hat and bring a little sunscreen.     

What of the water gets rough? Well, the first thing to remember is that we will not take you out if the conditions are unsafe. That said. We don’t have control over what happens with the water. If for some reason the Captain feels the harbor is too rough when you get there, the tour will head up river to the Settlement where the water is always much calmer. If the water is too rough before you leave the captain will simply cancel the tour.

What happens if the tour gets canceled? We will make every effort to get you on the next available tour. However, if we can’t, we will gladly refund your money.   

Will I get a refund if I cancel? Yes. If you cancel 12 hours in advance of your scheduled tour departure time.

Can I bring alcohol on the boat with me? Yes. Feel free to bring whatever you like, but please be responsible.

Is there a shuttle bus? No. We can’t provide a shuttle service.

Can we bring our dog with us? No, we're sorry, we can't allow animals on the boat. 

If there is a storm will you cancel the tour? Yes. If the Captain sees lightning, or radar shows a storm approaching, we will cancel the tour. If the tour is canceled for weather and we are less than half way through the tour, we will attempt to book you on the next available tour or refund your money. If we are more than half way through the tour we cannot refund your money, but we will attempt to re-book you on the next available tour.

Still confused?

If you have a question we didn't cover then just email us.... we're happy to get you an answer.