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A private tour of Charleston's history.... well, of course

Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthdays, Reunions, even Families… we have all kinds of groups who want to take a private tour of the history of Charleston.

We can take up to 20 people on private walking tours. Want to go get a beer and talk history? Sure, it’s your tour. We’re happy to accommodate your group so you see what you want to see and have a great time!   

We'll explore history as we walk along the waterfront and see the antebellum homes of Charleston's famous battery. From there we’ll spend time at White Point Gardens before moving into the heart of the historic district. 

Our walking tour continues up Meeting Street past its beautiful mansions, down several other history packed avenues revealing everything from slave markets, to massive churches, historic theaters, and even the very balcony George Washington stood on just 227 years ago. Of course, along the way we'll see beautifully appointed window boxes, tall stately homes, and no shortage of buildings where much of the history you read about in school actually happened.

So join us on one of our walking tours... we'de love to have you

A few things to consider…

Charleston isn’t known for its straight and level sidewalks – that’s why we don’t recommend wheelchairs and walkers on a tour like this.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

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