The Evening Walking Tours

Explore the history of Charleston after dinner

Let’s face it – it can be really hot and humid here during the day - but who doesn’t love walking tours after dinner? The sun is going down, the breeze is picking up, and well, learning about the history of this great city just feels a little more comfortable. 

So, meet Chucktown Tours at Waterfront Park, right next to the big fountain the kids play in. We’ll spend some time talking about modern day Charleston SC. Then we’ll chat a little about Southern culture – before turning our attention to the rich and colorful history of Charleston in the 1600's.

From the park our walking tours stroll up the cobblestone streets to the corner of Broad and East Bay, where we’ll relax awhile as we recall the events that happened all around us. We’ll continue our journey through the streets of history, discovering things along the way, and eventually finding our way back close to where we started.

This isn't just another one of those sightseeing tours, this look at Charleston SC is a comfortable evening stroll designed to entertain and educate – and it’s the best souvenir you can give yourself.

A few things to consider…

Please note: We will be conducting evening walking tours from March 11th through October 30th this year.

Charleston isn’t known for its straight and level sidewalks – that’s why we don’t recommend wheelchairs and walkers on a tour like this.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

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