Original Settlement Tour, on your list of things to do!

Explore the original Charles Towne Settlement from the water

There are many things to do in Charleston SC, but one of the best is a Water Tour. 

The year is 1670 and the 250 settlers of Charles Towne have just sailed up the Ashley river six miles to their new home. Two ships, 12 cannons, a Governor named William Styles, and about 100 Kiawah Indians showing them the way. 

Join Chucktown’s own Captain Tim as he takes you on a boat ride back in time 300 years. You'll leave from the scenic Charleston Harbor, travel up the Ashley river, past the Citadel Military Academy, and into the lush creeks where it all started. You’ll see the original Charles Towne settlement from the water, and even a colonial replica sailing ship called The Adventure.     ....but don't look for this experience anywhere else. Chucktown Tours is the ONLY place you can book an expedition to the original settlement!

A few things to consider...

Our Original Settlement Expedition is aboard "The Chucktown", a 22 foot vessel that allows us to go up the rivers and creeks larger boats can't. It also limits our expeditions to six guests - giving you a front row seat to history. 

Join Chucktown Tours as we navigate the backwater creeks and up the river six miles to Charlestown Landing - a place few guests ever see from the water.

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