Thank You for your tour reviews - Chucktown Tours, Charleston SC

We don't want to just give sightseeing tours. At Chucktown Tours we work very hard to make each and every walking tour guest experience exciting, engaging, and educational. We’re immensely proud of the history here in Charleston South Carolina, and the part Charleston played in shaping our great country.

It’s that pride of our city, the pride of our history, and the pride in our nation that we try to communicate through our obvious passion for the walking tour industry. Walking the historic streets of Charleston reminds us that we live in a beautiful place, and we have the pleasure of sharing that beauty with our visitors each and every day.

Many of the reviews you read for Chucktown Tours are the result of what started as a simple greeting by a large fountain - but two short hours later it was a friendship that will last for a very long time. If we have not met you yet, then please know we’re happy you’re here – and we’re honored that you would trust Chucktown Tours with such an important part of your vacation experience.